Yogi Q&A: Brittany

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi friends! My name is Brittany, I live in the suburbs of Chicago. My heart chakra is always open, I express my feelings on my sleeve and I just want to make everyone happy! I moved out of state for college to Florida for a few years and that is where I discovered my true passions and became a very independent person. I love animals and if my boyfriend would let me I would probably have 5 dogs and 5 cats (or more) but for now I have an adopted Greyhound named Kayla who has a big heart and is a couch potato, a cat named Ginny after the character in Harry Potter, and a new kitten named Nova who loves to play fetch with her toy mice.

What is your favourite yoga pose and why?

Sirsasana (headstand) has become my favorite yoga pose this past year. It was a major accomplishment for me to be able to one get over the fear of inversions and two be able to get into a headstand with no help or props. I remember the night I just kicked up into a headstand in the middle of my living room unexpected and happiness just consumed me. I am still working on my alignment, but it is all about the journey!

What are your best tips for creating a regular yoga practice from home?

Practicing yoga at home was rough for me, because at home I feel the urge to do chores or other things on my to-do list. But, honestly this past year I have been focusing a little more my home practice. I created my own space to practice, my own meditation space. Before any practice at home I cleanse the air by burning Palo Santo and using my own meditation essential oil blend. Oils are a great way to calm yourself or bring energy to your body if that is what you need! If you have any essential oil questions I am always here to discuss- visit my essential oil IG page @om_life_oils for more essential oil tips! Having your own space is key for any at home practice!

What benefits do you experience from doing yoga and why do you think people should start?

There are so many benefits! It all depends on where you are at in your journey! When I first started yoga in college it was all about de-stressing myself. Stress overwhelmed me in college and yoga was a way for me to release it. As I continue to practice yoga it has become more of a spiritual journey and that is where I am right now.

What made you fall in love with yoga?

The community made me fall in love with yoga. I love the feeling and vibes you get from everyone around you in a yoga class. I started teaching yoga about two years ago and I could not see my life without teaching. I am so glad I found my passion in life. The best moments of teaching yoga are when students come up to you and say what they accomplished and how great the class made them feel. I am so grateful to be able to connect with so many people in this community, it is amazing!

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