About Creative Yoga Wear

Creative Yoga Wear was founded by Victoria Thygesen in early 2018. Having always been determined to work for herself she wanted to create a business where she could truly be her Creative self as well as inspire and encourage other women to have the courage to be themselves. She fell in love with the soulful, compassionate yoga community and decided to design yoga wear that expresses her values of being true to yourself, as well as being part of a compassionate community. You can read about the 6 CYW values here.



While we aim to deliver a perfect product and service, we don’t believe that Yoga (or Life!) is about being ‘perfect’. We think it’s about finding your own unique way and having the courage to be yourself. We believe that by striving to live a mindful, healthy, creative, fun, abundant life, we each come into our own and find our true purpose.

We are all different, we all have our ups and downs, but we can support and motivate each other. That's why we have created the CYW family! We want to encourage women to come together to support each other and learn from each other via our Instagram account, our Facebook page and our Yogi Q&A blog posts.

We are all in this together - this crazy, sometimes, hectic Life - and we can help balance each other! 

We are always open for feedback, suggestions, comments and thoughts so please get in touch here.

- the CYW Team 💕